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Welcome to the Jamboree Exhibit Hall


How SCGS and Jamboree Can Help Grow Your Business

Like many conferences this year, we’ve gone digital. But unlike some conferences, we’ve built our Exhibit Hall experience around the things that draw attendees to your site, not just to look, but to actively engage with you.


Here’s what you need to know

  • Jamboree recognizes our Exhibitors as true partners critical to our overall conference success and a vital benefit to our attendees
  • Jamboree actively markets the Exhibit Hall as a stand-alone destination and not just a footnote to our conferences
  • The exhibit hall is the first event of the conference to open and the last to close and we’ll take advantage of that opportunities through our blogs, mail lists and social media
  • Your potential audience extends beyond our attendees to include over 20,000 social media and email followers, 50+ bloggers and over 800 Genealogical Societies in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • Our Exhibit Hall reaches the widest audience with the lowest possible requirement for entry - it’s free and open to the public (with a free SCGS account)
  • Your participation, your Show Specials and Drawing Prizes are promoted before, during and after the conference programs
  • Your prize winners, products/services won and company name are announced daily

The key to making an Exhibit Hall booth successful is to offer enticements that catch the visitor’s eye. This year we’re asking all Exhibitors to offer a Show Special and a Drawing Prize.

See samples of our Virtual Exhibit Hall and your Virtual Booth.

This is going to be easy. We’ll show you how it works.

What’s a Show Special and how does it work?

A Show Special offers a product or service at a discount. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your Product or Service – Example, "25% Off – One-Year Database Subscription" or "25% Off – Family History Software"
  • DNA Test Kits – Example, "2 For 1 – DNA Test Kit"
  • DNA Interpretation – Example, "50% Off  – 30-Minutes DNA Interpretation/Consultation" 
  • Videos and Courses – Example, "50% Off – One Beginner or Intermediate Course"
  • Books and Publications (direct or via a commercial service like Lulu or Amazon) Example, "25% Off – Any publication on my Sale Page"
  • Research Services – A percentage off or a free amount of time can introduce your service to attendees and create larger projects and repeat business.  Examples: “50% Off – One-Hour Research Consultation and Advice” or “25% Off – 25% One-Hour of Research Service"
  • Fun Stuff – family tree jewelry, another branch baby bibs, ancestor puzzles, crazy cool things. Example: "25% Off - Any family tree jewlery or genealogical gifts"

How does an attendee buy from me?

We make this easy. We’ll ask you to provide a link for attendees to purchase your product. This can be the web address of your online sales site, an order form the attendee will print out and mail in (we’ll even give you a location to upload the order form), or your email to discuss the purchase.

What’s a Prize Drawing and how does it work?

Prizes are a way to draw attention to your business by having something fun – a chance to win! You also can collect the emails of these entrants for future marketing. Here are some possible prize drawings:

  • Free product of your choice
  • Free book that you authored or produce
  • Free DNA Test Kit
  • Free 30-minute DNA interpretation
  • Free How-to guide or "cheat" sheet

How often do I have to draw a winner?

You decide how often to draw for a prize – once at the end of each conference, once a day or even once an hour. It’s all up to you. Send us back the winner’s name and what they won and we’ll announce it on the Jamboree Social Media along with your business' name. If you draw more than once, draw early in the conferences so your name will be included in our announcements before the Exhibit Hall closes. Draw a winner every day and your business is in the winners announcement posted daily.

How does an attendee join my Prize Drawing?

Your entrants click the "Enter Now” button on your Jamboree Exhibit Hall page and we’ll link the entrant to an email you provide. You collect the emails and randomly draw your winner(s).

What's the difference between a Show Special and the Prize Drawing?

A Show Special item is available for sale at the published discount for as long as the Exhibit Hall is open. The Jamboree Exhibit Hall will open Friday, June 4 at 9 am (PDT) until Sunday, June 13 at 12 midnight (PDT). In other words, anyone can take advantage of your sale and buy that item for the 10 days the Exhibit Hall is open.

Prize Drawings are a great way to get your name and offerings in front of Jamboree attendees, SCGS social media followers, free-event attendees and Exhibit Hall visitors. These prizes are given away by you sometime during the 10 days the Exhibit Hall is open.

What do I get out of the Drawing Prizes? 

Hopefully, your get three wins from participating:

  • Winners who love your product/service and buy more,
  • Exposure of your business’s name, product, or service when Jamboree announces your winners on social media attracting new purchases, and
  • A list of emails from genealogists who took the time to enter your contest. Now you have the opportunity to let them know about your product/service, creating new clients and new orders.

Will the Show Specials and Prizes be "pre-approved"?

To meet our attendees high expectations, the Jamboree Exhibit Hall strives to create an exciting atmosphere where visitors can explore relevant, popular and in-demand items. With that in mind, the Exhibit Hall Committee reserves the right to reject non-genealogical related items or inappropriate materials offered for sale and/or as prizes. 

How much does it cost to be an Exhibitor

Jamboree understands it's been a tough year on everyone. The Exhibitor charge for 2021 is a flat $100. There is an approval process and only business providing products and services that directly support the genealogical community will be accepted. 

Registration to the conference is not included but may be purchased through the Jamboree website. Explore the complete schedule here

How do I join the Exhibit Hall?

If you’ve been a Jamboree Exhibitor in the past, sign into your partner account (your email is your account log in), update your information and complete the fields for the new features

Not sure if you have an account?  Drop us an email and we’ll look up your organization. Email:

New to Jamboree?  Click here, fill in the application (as completely as possible, please) and you’re on your way. 

We’ll be back to you (usually within 48 hours) and send you the link to your new Jamboree Exhibitor account where you will add your company logo, additional social media links, show special description, prize drawing, etc.
Please Note: We will accept businesses with products and/or services that directly support the genealogical community. Businesses should also have a website, FaceBook page or other forms of communications and sales. We will also check that you have sales support, whether by phone, email or chat. Our Exhibitors pride themselves on great customer service.

When do I have to join by?

Please join the Exhibit Hall, complete your account information and pay your invoice by May 22nd so we can promote your participation, Show Special and Drawing Prizes.

What does Jamboree expect from Exhibitors?

To make this Exhibit Hall as successful as possible, we ask every partner to promote Jamboree and your participation in the Exhibit Hall. This can be one your webpages, social media, email lists or through your monthly newsletter. We have art below to help you promote Jamboree. Also, in order for Jamboree to promote your business we need complete account pages and timely payment of your invoice.

Together, we can make the Jamboree Exhibit Hall a great selling experience.

Further Questions?  Email the Exhibit Hall Team:

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